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Normal is overrated

We attended our first kids birthday party. For most families, this would be a simple, fun event but for us, the usual activities are always a bit more unusual.

My little boy has always been a bit different and last year he was diagnosed as Autistic. We have been overwhelmed by the support and compassion from all the people we have shared this with. I truly believe that the more we talk about these conditions the more acceptance there will be for these children.

It took us a bit longer to come inside the party. I always allow him plenty of time to feel comfortable in new environments. The magician was a definite no-no (except when he handed out sweets) but the jumping castle was a hit. What is it with small children and jumping up and down 😉

Mostly though, he played with the doors. These are his obsession and he can keep himself busy for hours. We get a lot of strange looks and we do our best to stay out of other people’s way. We are often found near doors in shopping malls, supermarkets and public bathrooms so if you see a mum with a very bored expression on her face, feel free to say hi.

IMG_0247 (1)

I think that this is were I learned a lot of my patience. As a photographer working with small children it is important to stay relaxed and calm no matter what is going on. My gorgeous boy has trained me well for this skill.

With any luck, we will get invited to more birthday parties in the future. We probably won’t enjoy them in the way most people do, but I think ‘normal’ is totally overrated!

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