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9 Top Tips for beating the Bath-time Blues

child sitting in metal bath tub with bubbles

There is a time of day that brings about a feeling of dread… It usually comes around 4-5pm and as a lot of parents will know, it is often unavoidable.

That’s right, it’s bath time.

{cue scary music from Jaws movie here}

Unlike the gorgeous babies in the photos here, my son hates bath time. Well not so much the actual bath because once I can get him into the tub, he often doesn’t want to get out again. But getting him in there can be a real struggle. So faced with the daily drama of trying to get him into the bath, I took to Facebook and begged support from other (more knowledgeable) parents.

baby in old fashioned metal bath tub

There were some absolutely awesome suggestions, so I wanted to share them here. Hopefully they help you all as much as they have helped me!

9 Bath Time Success Tips

Bath tip 1Visual Aids

Have a visual routine for the bath time steps printed out and displayed. For super hero parenting points, you can stick the cards (that show pictures of each step) onto a board. This way as the child completes each step they get to take that card down from the board, simple yet satisfying. Check out these examples on Pinterest.


bath tip 2Fun Songs/Rhymes

Use fun rhymes or songs to help calm them on the way to the bath. This has the added benefit of calming both of you and giving you something else to focus on which can only help.


bath tip 3Bath Toys

Take a toy up to bath with them (my son loves to fill the bath with all the plastic balls from his ball pit). Include their favourite games/toys at bathtime – rather than making bath time about getting clean.


bath tip 4Just Their Feet

One mum has had great success by getting her little one to stick on the side of the bath and just stick in her feet while they play. Taking things in smaller more manageable steps can definitely help an anxious child. Hopefully the nice feeling of the water will soon draw them in.


bath tip 5Water Bottles

Give them a water spray bottle – and prepare to get wet. Playing with the water in a squirt gun or water bottle encourages them to have fun. For even more fun (and to direct the water away from yourself), try sticking coloured paper (or Aquadoodle mat) up for them to squirt at. The paper should get darker when wet, so they can create a bath water painting.

baby splashing in bath tub

bath tip 6Sensory Bath Lights

These look absolutely amazing and create a beautiful mood in the bath room. I get a bit nervous with electronic things in the bath so I opted for a great, cheap, disco light (like this!) for next to the bath instead. For more ideas to make bath time more sensory – check out these DIY options.


bath tip 7Offer a Shower Instead?

Maybe your child will enjoy playing in the shower, always worth a try. My son likes to use the shower pipe (without the shower head attached) to pour water through his bath pipes and also to pour over himself when he doesn’t feel like sitting down in the tub.


bath tip 8Lots of praise

I know bath time can be frustrating – believe me after my nightly battles, I get it! But it is still super important to stay positive. Encouragement and praise can often bring about more success than all the expensive toys added together. Since this is going to be a daily chore, keeping it as fun and enjoyable as possible will make life better for everyone!


bath tip 9Ask for Help!

There are some wonderful parenting groups on Facebook and chatting to fellow parents can really help (they certainly did help me). For more great ideas if your child is extra challenging try checking out Lemon Lime Adventures they have some great suggestions and they have a parenting group too.


3 babies in matching bath tubs


Do you have great suggestions to add??? I’d love to hear them, so join in with the conversation on Facebook here and help other parents, like me, who are still drowning in bath time troubles.

So after a lot of convincing my son has finally had his bath tonight and I can relax… until tomorrow 😉

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