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He loves to climb!


This incredible boy loves colour and describes people in terms of the colours he sees for them. Being Autistic means that his brain works a bit differently than most peoples. This can create extra challenges but is also what makes him such an awesome kid.

Gaining Trust

I knew that I needed to build trust with him very quickly. So I photographed some gorgeous pink flowers next to the car park before the family arrived. Showing him these bright colourful flowers helped us to connect and capture his interest in having his photo taken. He loved them and we went off to look at the real flowers in the park. Off to a great start!


Literal Thinking & Blunt Honesty

We had a great chat heading into the park. He told me that he wanted to go to see the tree logs area to do some climbing. I said that he must like climbing. He disagreed very strongly and corrected me saying “I don’t like climbing, I LOVE climbing”

So that’s exactly what we did!


We also enjoyed playing in the trees!


Autism, Affection and Family

For those people who don’t know much about Autism, there is a common misconception that Autistic kids are not affectionate. Clearly this is not the case (at least not most of the time). It was wonderful to see this gorgeous family together. They are so close and the connection they share is lovely.


We even got to include the four legged member of the family. Also very loved 🙂


Check out some more of my favourites from this extra special session.


This little man has so much personality. He is loving and kind! Autistic and Awesome! I am very lucky to have had a chance to work with him and his wonderful family.


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