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kind mums are the best

We had a bad morning.

My son doesn’t want to go to school most of the time and it is often difficult to get him up and going in the morning. I am sure that lots of you can relate to the stress and drama that mornings often bring up. My little guy has Autism which can make a bad morning even more of a challenge.

It all got a lot worse when the iPad wouldn’t play the song that he wanted and he went into full meltdown mode getting out of the car (or should I say while I was trying to get him out of the car). Walking into school, lugging all of his comfort items, we caused quite a scene, with a lot of crying, shouting and pushing (him trying to push me back towards our car).

The most amazing thing about this situation were the kind looks and words of support from other mothers. No-one was judging me, my son or the spectacular show he was putting on and I could feel the sympathy and support of the people around us. One very kind mum even offered to help carry things for me to make it easier.

Mums are the best!

Once inside, the meltdown continued for awhile and once he was finally in his classroom, another mum asked me if I doing alright. They too have a kid with additional needs and shared their understanding and support. I can’t even put into words how great it is to be surrounded by so much kindness.

I managed to race home, panicking that I would be late and unprofessional. Luckily I got there just before my morning client arrived. I needn’t have worried though. I explained the situation and could not have gotten a more understanding response. As a fellow mother, who (as happens to us all) has had difficult mornings, she was fantastic.

I love my wonderful clients!

We managed to have a wonderful session and I am now feeling much better. I love knowing that I can give a little something precious back to all you amazing mothers and I feel so lucky to have such wonderful clients.

It is very likely that we will have bad mornings again from time to time but knowing that there is so much kindness from other mothers makes it much easier to face.

Mothers holding their babies

Thank you to all the kind mums xxx


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