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Family Portrait – not so easy to do yourself!

So I tried to take a family portrait last week and it was the toughest session I have had yet. As it turns out taking your own family portrait is a lot harder than it seems.

We went to a gorgeous spot in a park in Warwick, found some stunning fall leaves which all seemed perfect. Then reality set in, I set the camera on timer and put it on top of a nearby rubbish bin. I tried to get my husband, son and dog in position before making a mad dash across the path next time to join them in the shot. I took a lot of photos which ended up being out of focus or I didn’t make it in time, or my son was upset or the dog was facing the wrong way.

I admire anyone who manages to take their own family portrait,  next time I will be booking a professional photographer. So happy I can provide this service for other families so that they don’t have to look like crazy people running back and forward to their camera in the middle of a busy park!

This is the best shot I got all day…

Carrie Els Family Portrait

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I specialise in photographing children and families affected by Autism and other Additional Needs. I am a SEN Mom myself and I love providing gorgeous portraits to the very special families.

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