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What makes my photography different

My big sister always asks me what makes Carrie Els Photography different? It should be a very easy question but I was shocked that I didn’t have an answer to give her right away. Since my business is me and I am my business I struggle to promote myself without feeling like I am bragging. But I have tried to put my insecurities aside and to answer the question “What makes Carrie Els Photography different?”.

Firstly, I work really hard to make my clients feel comfortable. Some people need to have a little fun at their session, some need a little more direction to feel relaxed, some need a bit of privacy. This is especially true for children and a big part of my job is understanding their needs and working at the right pace for them (even if I have to play tea parties for 20 minutes before I take out my camera).

Secondly,  I love to create stunning portraits that will look beautiful in your home. It is important to me that the images I create will be timeless so they don’t look dated in a few years. It always makes me so happy when a client loves their images – I once had a dad get a bit tearful looking at his gorgeous baby photo which makes all the late nights totally worth it.

Thirdly, I work almost exclusively on location using flattering natural light. It is very exciting to shoot my sessions in and around my clients homes. I love to work with props I find there as these are more special and meaningful to my clients. It also means that my younger clients can play and have fun rather than being confined in a studio setup.

Fourthly, I give my clients amazing service throughout the process. From your first enquiry call, at your session, helping this image selection, top quality products and hopefully all over again at your next photo session. I always try to give mt clients the very best experience throughout the process and am here to help to ensure that they get portraits that they love!

I love people photography and even though I may not be the best at promoting myself I hope that my photos show my passion more than my words.



Hi and welcome to Carrie Els Photography

I specialise in photographing children and families affected by Autism and other Additional Needs. I am a SEN Mom myself and I love providing gorgeous portraits to the very special families.

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