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9 Top Tips for beating the Bath-time Blues

There is a time of day that brings about a feeling of dread… It usually comes around 4-5pm and as a lot of parents will know, it is often unavoidable. That’s right, it’s bath time. {cue scary music from Jaws movie here} Unlike the gorgeous babies in the photos here, my son hates bath time….

What to Wear for a Family Photoshoot in 10 Easy Steps

This is a question that I get asked more than any other. Everybody wants to know, what to wear to their family photoshoot. These photographs will be with you for a long time and may even be passed down to future generations, so it is really worth the effort to choose fantastic clothing and make…

Mum & Me Fitness in Warwick

Fit & Friendly Mums I have found a great solution to losing weight and staying fit as a new mum. Before my son, I used to go to the gym 5 days a week and loved feeling fit and healthy but it is much harder to work out with a little one around. I tried…

Kids who don’t want their photo taken – and what to do!

My son hates anything new, he cries at the hairdresser and runs from the doctor. I am sure you can imagine my fear of trying to get our family photos taken. I know that a lot of my clients have similar fears. It can be stressful trying to get your toddler to smile for the…

Taking your own newborn photos

Many mums enjoy looking through Facebook and Pinterest at the beautiful newborn baby photos and think to themselves, I can probably take my own newborn photos – how hard can it be? Well it may be a lot tougher than you think. Here is a little of what I have learnt on my journey as…

How to take holiday pics like a pro

Follow these 5 simple tips that will help you to take great family photos this summer holiday! Tip 1. Place your subject off center. Divide the image into a grid of 3×3 blocks (click here for how to set this up on your mobile phone camera) and then place the main subject onto one of…


Your I-phone is with you at all times, right? It’s like your right hand — always there, always ready to help you muddle your way through the day and kill boredom when the need arises. But that phone of yours can be oh-so-frustrating when your darling child chooses a particular moment to do something photo-worthy…

Newborn Photography Safety

I wanted to share this article about Newborn safety during photography sessions. This really is extremely important! It is far better to do a bit of post editing than to take risks with babies. As a professional photographer, safety is an important part of what I do, especially with newborns. I like to have at…

Great kids hairdresser | First Haircut

I was totally emotional and a little unsure about getting my son’s hair cut for the very first time. It is a big milestone for parents to see their baby becoming a child and I was shocked by how much older my son looked after his first haircut. Thankfully I found a wonderful hairdresser in…

What to Wear for your Portrait Session

Here are a few helpful tips to help you choose the best clothing for your family portrait session. 1) Try to think complementary not matching. The old fashioned idea of having everyone in matching clothes has thankfully gone out of style. Try to co-ordinate the outfits so that everybody in the group has a similar…

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