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He loves to climb!

This incredible boy loves colour and describes people in terms of the colours he sees for them. Being Autistic means that his brain works a bit differently than most peoples. This can create extra challenges but is also what makes him such an awesome kid. Gaining Trust I knew that I needed to build trust…

Exciting Announcement!

There are some exciting changes coming to Carrie Els Photography. I am so passionate about the new direction for my business and I can’t wait to share my news with everyone. There are times in life when you feel something so deeply and you just know without a doubt that you are doing what you…

Gorgeous babies of Leamington Spa

What a treat to have a client who was close to me in Leamington Spa. One might think that my clients are all local, but in my experience they actually come from lots of different areas, like Stratford-upon Avon, Coventry, Rugby, Kenilworth. Some even come from Birmingham and of close all the places in between….

9 Top Tips for beating the Bath-time Blues

There is a time of day that brings about a feeling of dread… It usually comes around 4-5pm and as a lot of parents will know, it is often unavoidable. That’s right, it’s bath time. {cue scary music from Jaws movie here} Unlike the gorgeous babies in the photos here, my son hates bath time….

my favourite age to photograph

This little guy was at my favourite age to photograph! Babies are cute at any age of course, and I love all the beautiful kids I have photographed over the years. But if I am honest, this is my favourite age. At approximately 8 months old, babies are usually able to sit up which means…

Custom Image Series

So one of my favourite products to create are custom art pieces for my clients. During a photography session, I like to take a series of images using the same background and lighting so that I can create one final image. Custom Image Series These Image Series products have been such a hit with my…

New Years Resolutions and how to keep them!

Thank you so much to all the wonderful clients I have had in 2017. You are all so wonderful and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you all. It has been a very exciting year with a lot of ups and downs. My little boy started big school in September and I am super…

Kids who don’t want their photo taken – and what to do!

My son hates anything new, he cries at the hairdresser and runs from the doctor. I am sure you can imagine my fear of trying to get our family photos taken. I know that a lot of my clients have similar fears. It can be stressful trying to get your toddler to smile for the…

Family Portraits can boost self esteem

Love this great post from Design Aglow!! Check out how having great family photos on your walls at home can really boost your kids self esteem. Click here for more details about my fantastic family session options. HOW FAMILY PORTRAITS BOOST YOUR CHILD’S SELF-ESTEEM   One of the hidden but powerful aspects of family photography that…

End of Summer

It was an amazing summer. I got to spend time with family and friends, not to mention wonderful trips to the seaside! It is really exciting to get back to work now though and I am looking forward to photographing many more clients. My studio is finally up and running and I love working there…

Hi and welcome to Carrie Els Photography

I specialise in photographing children and families affected by Autism and other Additional Needs. I am a SEN Mom myself and I love providing gorgeous portraits to the very special families.

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