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Exciting Announcement!

There are some exciting changes coming to Carrie Els Photography. I am so passionate about the new direction for my business and I can’t wait to share my news with everyone. There are times in life when you feel something so deeply and you just know without a doubt that you are doing what you are meant to be doing with your life. This is definitely one of those times for me!


Adoption and Autism

I previously felt this way when we adopted our gorgeous little boy. I just knew that he was meant to be ours and we love him more than words could possibly say.

We always want the best for him (as all parents do) but when your child has special needs that can be even harder to achieve. I wanted to find a great swimming class for him that understood about his Autism and Additional Needs and were willing to put in the effort to help him. Needless to say that speciality classes are very hard to find and the ones that are available cost a small fortune. I found it really upsetting that these very special kids don’t always get everything that they deserve due to a lack of understanding and services.

So, as a family photographer, I wanted to provide a specialist service to families with Autistic children and those with additional needs.


Special Needs Photography

A lot of parents that I have spoken to over the years have told me how stressful a photography session can be, especially if you are concerned that your child might have a full meltdown. As a SEN mum and experienced photographer, I am not bothered by lack of co-operation or challenging behaviours. Some children can’t be put under pressure and need a more relaxed approach. More breaks, shooting from a distance, listening to the childs ideas and encouraging them in a positive way.

These are the skills that I bring to a photoshoot and this approach allows me to capture beautiful images while allowing the family to relax and enjoy themselves.

Carrie Els Photography will be a Special Needs Family Photography service, specialising in Autism and Additional Needs.


Check out the changes to my website here!

Or if you would like to discuss a session for your family – please contact me 🙂

Hi and welcome to Carrie Els Photography

I specialise in photographing children and families affected by Autism and other Additional Needs. I am a SEN Mom myself and I love providing gorgeous portraits to the very special families.

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